Girls Attitude Shayari In English

Girls Attitude Shayari In English

Girls Attitude Shayari In English | {199+} Royal Attitude Shayari For Girls

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People May Hear Your Words,
But They Feel Your Attitude.

I am not Dude With a Cool Attitude.

When You Stop Talking To Me,
Stop Talking About Me Too.

I hate Two Things
Comparing me with others
Compromosing my Dreams for others..!

Sweet As Sugar, Hard As Ice.
Hurt Me Once, I’ll Kill You Twice.

I was Quiet
But I was not Blind.

Don’t have an Attitude Problem,
I have a personality You can’t handle.

Don’t Get My Personality And My Attitude Twisted,
Because My Personality Is ME,
And My Attitude Depends On You!

I Can’t Stop Being Awesome.
It’s In My Blood.

Be a Girl With Mind,
A Bitch With An Attitude,
And A Lady With Class.

A confident woman wears a smile and has this air
of comfort-ability and pleasantness about her.

It only takes one bad boyfriend
to realize that you deserve so much more.

My mind makes me a girl,
my attitude a bitch and my class a lady.

Be like a sun, keep on shining,
And let the world burns.

Don’t Show Me Your Attitude
As You Can’t Handle Mine.

Happiness is what happens
when you do what your heart wants to.

My personality is who I am
and my Attitude depends on who you are!

Sitting alone and enjoying your own company
is better than being surrounded by fake people..

Be a girl with a mind,
A woman with attitude,
and A lady with class.

I.m cool but
global warming made me HOT

I Don’t Need To Explain Myself
Because I Know I’M Right…

If your ego speaks with me,
than my attitude replies you..

I choose to make the rest of my life
the best of my life!

It’s not my attitude,
It’s the way I am.

A positive attitude gives you power
over your circumstances instead
of your circumstances having power over you.

Be The GIRL With Not Just Beauty
But Also SWAG..

Famous Hone Ka Shauk Nahin Hai Mujhe…
Lekin Kya Karoon Log Naam Se Hi Pahchaan Lete Hai!

Tere ‪Attitude Se Log Jalte Honge…
Magar Mere ‪Attitude Par To Log Marte Hai!!!

Suno Mujhe Kuchh Kahna Hai
Mere Saath Rahna Hai To
Mujhe ‪Sahna Seekh
Varna Apni ‪‎Aukaat Mein Rahna Seekh.

Aaj Kal Logon Ko Had Mein Rakhne Ke Liye…
Thoda ATTITUDE Dikhaana Bohot Jaroori Hota Hai!

Buri Nahin Hoon!
Bas Mujhe Samajhna Har Kisi Ke Bas Ki Baat Nahin…

Main Koi Shauk Nahin, Jo Tum Kahte Ho Ki Tum Meri Ho,
Main To Wo Nasha Hoon Jo Har Dil Mein Basta Hai…

Achhe Log LIFE Mein…
Baar Baar Nahin Milte…
Is Kiye Kadar Kiya Karo Meri!!!

Style Mein Rahna To Bas Meri Aadat Hai…
Warna Zamaana To Meri Meri Khoobsorati Se Ghaayal Hai!!!

Kisi Ki Baat Chalti Hai…
Kisi Ka Dimaag Chalata Hai…
Apna To Bas ATTITUDE Chalta Hai!!!

Ladka Tameez Waala Hona Chaahiye…
Badtameez To Mera Dil Bhi Hai!!!

Meri Kundali Hi Aisi Hai…
Koi Bhi Kaam Karati Hoon…
Wo Saala Kaand Ban Jaata Hai!

Mere Attitude Ki To Baat Mat Kar…
Jahan Se Guzarti Hoon…
Log Mere Dewaane Ho Jaate Hain!!!

Khaamoshi Mujhe Suit Karti Hai…
Main Thoda Smile Kya Kar Loon…
Log Waise Hi Ghaayal Ho Jaate Hai!!!

Ek Baat Poochhani Thi…
BREAKUP Ke Baad Kitne Dinon Tak
Udaas Rahna Chaahiye?

Main To Bas Chingaari Lagaati Hoon…
Aag Apne Aap Lag Jaati Hai!!!

Khud Ka ATTITUDE Control Nai Hota Mujhse…
Tera Kahan Se Adjust Karoon!

Ghaayal Karne Ke Liye Log…
Hathiyaar Chalate Hain…
Meri To SMILE Hi Kafi Hai!!!

Bachpan Mein Shauk Tha
Achha Insaan Banana Hai
Bachpan Khatam Shauk Khatam
AB Jaisi Duniya Waise Hi Hain Ham

Bohot Buri Hoon Main!!!
Aap Jaise Achaon Se Khuda Bachye…

Main Misaal De Ker Nahin…
Misaal Ban Kar jeeti Hoon!!!

Kamaal Karte Hain Ham Se Jalne Waale…
Mahfil Unki Hoti Hai Aur Charche Hamaare Hote Hain…

Hamen Logon Ko Samjhaane Ki Jaroorat Nahin Padati…
Log Khud Ba Khud Sab Samajh Jaate Hain!

Mujhe Kisi Se Naraaz Hona Nahin Aata…
Main Bas Khaas Se Aam Kar Deti Hoon!!!

Main Tumhe Itna Miss Karungi…
Tumhe Hichaki Nahin Aaye Gai..
Sidha Heart Attack Hojaaye Ga!

Aap Karoge Mere Character Par Baaten…
Aap Ki Itni Aukaat Kab Se Hogi Hai???

Jaisa Tum Sochte Ho…
Main Waisi Bilkul Bhi Nahin Hain…
Aur Jaisi Main Hoon…
Waise Tum Kabhi Soch Bhi Nahin Sakte!!!

Muqaabale Ki Baaten Chor Do!
Mere To Duplicate Bhi Hit Hote Hain

Bahut Achhe Lagte Hain Hamen Wo…
Jinhen Ham Zehar Lagte Hain!

Jinhen Ham Se Nafrat Karni Hai…
To Shauk Se Karen…
Ham Kaun Sa Unse Mohabat Karte Hain!

Bas Ek SMILE Se Hi Khareed Lete Unhe…
Jinhen Naaz Hai Ke Vo Bik Nahin Sakte!

You Have no Rights Compare me to an Another Girl.
Bcz there is no Competition with others.
I’m Unique and one kind, and that’s the Real fact.

I am the Queen of your Empire
I will also Rule your Heart too !!

Yes, I’m Talking too much,
I’m Irritating My Bf,
I’m laughing,
But watch me when I’m Mouth Stop.

I am a girl with a cute face
And always wears a branded attitude.

Don’t impress me with a money
Impress me with a attitude.

You don’t need the wings to fly
but the courage to step out..

Let critics be critics
let us to trust ourselves..

Like YouTube there should be a subscribe
button for our lives too…
In between the Chaos of a fake sound at least
we can listen the notifications of our own feelings..

You have seen my impatience
now you will see my patience
I am gonna make you cry by my silence.

Success is sum of small efforts
repeated day in and day out.

Don’t trust on those peoples
Who tells you other people’s secret.

At last with all the ups and downs
Life keeps moving towards the better end.

Two wrongs don’t make a right ,
But they make good excuse.

Always listen , smile, and agree
Then do whatever you are going to do anyway.

Better one will always be better
Than another one.

Your lack of motivation on yourself
Is an insult to your family and loved ones
Who believe in you.

You have to endure the pain of a thorns
If you want to be a rose of a garden..


Break but don’t shatter
Cry but don’t despair
Lose but don’t ever give up.

Don’t always try to make your life easy
Make yourself a strong enough
to handle a difficult one.

The best revenge is to show them
Your happy face even more happier
After they are gone.

I want respect from you when
I am not around you…

In today’s shit world
Someone’s loyalty depends
Upon their needs.

“Some people consider themselves lions
But they are those people
Those who move like lions and walk like dogs.”

“Stop my thinking,
Stay mentally healthy.”

“My best friend is the mirror.
Because he doesn’t laugh when I cry.”

“Although the story is full of failures,
Yet I am the best in my story.”

“Our way of life is a bit different,
We live with our stubbornness
Not with hope.”

“Being upset about what you don’t have,
Destroy what you have. “

“As I speak,
Don’t think worthless.”

“Stay in the world
I live in me.”

“I never laughed at you,
Instead, I cried and laughed at you.”

“Good Bad people, at least
Don’t pretend to be good.”

“In tune with everyone
It is not possible for me to walk.
Because I’m human
Not the tabla.”

Being human is my style,
Not fighting is my Attitude.

“You left without a reason,
So please don’t come back with excuses.”

“Life is a battlefield
There must be ups and downs
When everything is over
But victory will come.”

“Always remember that
It is not foolish to be positive in a negative situation,
This is leadership.”

“We live in our own lives,
not in the trigger of a gun.”

“I live, love, fight, cry,
But I never give up”

“Learning from every day
Acting is another profession.”

“Don’t respect what the world says,
Do not greet those who do not have a conscience.”

“I’m a tiger, not a king,
That’s why people come together with my permission,
Not with respect !!”

“The situation is responsible if you change.
And if I change, I am an unbeliever!”

“Learned from life,
People are in the right place when they are in the air.”

“Many people want to be successful
Don’t make yourself that way.
When you fly like an eagle
Do not swim with ducks.”

“I don’t want the one who is not in my destiny,
It is not my nature to live by begging.”

“Don’t make yourself so valuable,
I’m a poor man,
I give up expensive things.”

“No matter how hard anyone tries to be like us,
But he should know
The lions that are not made, they grow.”

“The story has to be met.
The price of reality,
I became a writer
Hence the names of the characters.”

“I also want to wear in love.
Would anyone push a little?”

“The breath of the wounded lion,
It is more dangerous than its roar.”

“Only the narrator knows,
Not all characters are fictional,
Not all stories are stories.”

“I’m back on the field,
The style is the same,
Only the path has changed.!”

“I want one like you.
Without you and me
There is no one else.”

“A mind melted,
In a familiar embrace!
A mind soaked in a little kiss.”

“Nice to see me too
One day it will change,
Even if you call a hundred times
I will not come back.”

“If there is no fear in love
The juice is not concentrated.”

“Whose love is as deep
The less the expression of his love.
Love is a matter of realization,
Not a matter of disclosure.”

“The word relationship is very short!
But it is very difficult to build!”

“Make your loved one needy,
Beloved to someone in need
Don’t make it!!”

“Not during a relationship,
Understand after breaking up the relationship,
Who needed how much.”

“Raj is also growing in love
Depression rate,
Rather than disrespect
Baruk Abdar.”

“Love hack or friendship
The password is the only trust”

“Not in the current of time,
Today I floated in my imagination.”

“Goodbye love
In love with someone else.”

“Want to fly?
Let him not go to another country.
Wrong, maybe.
People dress up when born.”

“No one teaches anyone,
Push yourself to eat
Is to learn.”

“If you fall in love before, it feels good,
Now it takes qualification… !!”

“I thought he would be the king of his kingdom.
But I didn’t know.
Than the guard in his kingdom
The number of kings is high.”

“Distance from love to marriage,
Is unemployment.”

“The mind is also the thing in the chest
It is in, but not in control.”

“It’s not his fault!
Maybe in my destiny
Love was not written.”

“Although the mind of many is good
Everyone’s fortune is not good!”

“People who did you wrong,
Have also made you strong.”

“Because i love to laugh
The laughter is sad
Lukana’s only weapon!”

“If you want me to control my temper,
You need to control your stupidity”

“Patience improves people.
And lies destroy people.”

“Suddenly one day goes by
There is no harm in the tree.
Because, life will still go on
At the speed of life.”

“Arrogant mind
Eating in a hurry
Me all the time.”

“That backspace tie knows,
What is the meaning of unspoken words!”

“It breaks on the other side of the river.
The same goes for my dreams
Something is breaking every day.
Something has developed again.”

“To make everyone happy
There is no point in trying,
Because under the lamp
There is frozen darkness.”

“I don’t hate Peoples,
I just love Peoples who love me.”

“Don’t Play With Me!
Because I know I Can PLAY Better Than You.”

“It’s not my attitude
it’s my style.”

“If you want me to control my temper…
You need to control your stupidity.”

“Let the dogs bark.
The lion is still king!”

”People will love you.
People will hate you.
Others will secretly wish to be you.”

“Sometimes It’s Better To Be Alone…
Nobody Can Hurt You!”

Before you judge me,
make sure that you’re perfect.”

“We all have demons.
I just choose to feed mine.”

“No regrets in life,
Just lessons learned.”

“I am not a bad person
But situation makes me bad.”

“I passed my hardest moments alone
While everyone believed I was fine.”

“Fear is a reaction,
Courage is a decision.”

“I don’t care if it’s lonely at the top.
It was lonely at the bottom too.”

“Love me or hate me
But you will never change me.”

“Try to solve your problem yourself,
Don’t Depend on others!”

“Beauty is like Moon
looks much better at Night.”

“I don’t have time to hate
people, who hate me…
Because I’m too busy in
loving people who love me.”

“Someone asked me, how is your life?
I just smiled and replied, She is fine.”

“You don’t miss the person
You miss the feeling.”

“I know I changed,
That was the point.”

“Put me second, and
I will make you nonexistent.”

“Have more money than you show,
Speak less than you know.”

“You left without reason,
so please don’t come back with an excuse.”

“And if they want to leave,
Hold the door open for them.”

“Being human is my style,
Not fighting is my Attitude.”

“I enjoy it when people show
Attitude to me because it
show that they need an
attitude to impress me!”

“Legends don’t die,
I am a living example!”



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